102nd Grey Cup Festival Live Blog

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102nd Grey Cup Festival Live Blog

CTV Vancouver's coverage of the Grey Cup festival with Nicolle Hodges.

    Welcome to the 102nd Grey Cup Live Blog!

    Your host, Nicolle Hodges 
    Hi everyone! Welcome to CTV's coverage of the 102nd Grey Cup Festival, right here in Vancouver! My name is Nicolle Hodges and I'll be your online host for the week. 

    I'll be live blogging my experience all week long (Wed - Sun) giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the action from the Grey Cup Festival HQ, Jack Pool Plaza - and live from BC place on Sunday! 

    Here is what's on the docket for Sunday, Nov. 30
    -Fan March - 12:30 @ Jack Poole Plaza
    -Tailgate Party throughout the afternoon at BC Place.
    -The Grey Cup Championship Game - kickoff at 3 PM!!!

    We want to hear from you! Share your content on social using the #CTVGreyCup - we'll be featuring your tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos! 

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